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Social Magnitude

Our Mission

Magnitude's mission is to positively transform our clients' lives.

Brazil, the company's headquarters, has a population of over 210 million people full of miscegenation for historical reasons and has one of the largest concentrations of talent in the world, whether in sports or in entertainment.

It is in this context that Magnitude Social operates, a sector of the company dedicated to projects and partnerships that help and cause a positive impact in areas where big social needs are observed.

Social Magnitude is not for profit.


Magnitude defends the concept of sustainability through educational practices on the concern for the environment in the company's routine. The use of recycled paper, garbage separation for recycling, use of biodegradable material and responsible water consumption are some examples that we practice in our daily activities at the company.


In a country with continental dimensions and big social disparities, Magnitude tries to play its part in transforming and improving this concentration of income. Its core activity is acting as a facilitator between low-income families and high-performance sport, operating where the Brazilian state does not work efficiently.


Magnitude has a Code of Ethics and Conduct that prohibits any attitude of discrimination based on gender, race, ethnicity and gender ideology. The Code has well-defined policies on work ethics, anti-corruption and money laundering and anti-terrorism practices. Such policies were prepared in accordance with Law No. 9,613/1998, amended by Law No. 12,683/2012 ("Money Laundering Prevention Law"), Law No. 13,260/2016 ("Combating Terrorism Law") , Law No. 13.810/2019 (Law that provides for compliance with sanctions imposed by resolutions of the United Nations Security Council - UNSC) and resolutions No. 30/2018 and No. 36/2021 of the Financial Activities Control Council - COAF .

As we deal with customers' personal information and companies' strategic information, Magnitude also follows Law No. 13709/2018, better known as LGPD – General Data Protection Law.